Where to begin about my experience in Gili Trawangan? You’ve seen the bike and the story about how I got here; now I will attempt to capture the experience in photos and some brief explanation.

First day I explored the island on bicycle. It’s not large, and getting around is pretty easy. I stopped often, taking photo after photo of scenery that I can only describe as “stunning.” It was so nice to have the mobility of a bicycle after almost three weeks with this stupid sprained ankle!


I found a comfy spot on the beach, laid down with a book, and lounged the afternoon away in the sun.

When I wanted to check my email, I found Cafe Gili (recommended by another traveler) and settled in for a beer.

A few minutes later I was admiring the salad the woman next to me was eating, and a few minutes after that we were fast friends and travel buddies. Amazing how things work out.

Anina is from Switzerland. She is a teacher (speech therapist) on holiday, also traveling by herself.

As we talked, we realized we had similar notebooks, where we record

  • similar travel stories,
  • schedules,
  • new words,
  • email addresses and names of people we meet,
  • and other little tidbits, such as little pictures drawn by anyone.

We both keep said notebooks in grocery bags within our canvas beach bags. As we laughed about this, we shared more stories and trivialities (and strange coincidences) and made plans to meet that evening and the next day for a turtle hunt.

Three days later and we have shared so many amazing adventures, laughs, and lovely memories. We both leave Gili T tomorrow, but we will meet and spend time in Kuta and travel to Ubud together in a few days. She is a gem and a friend for life:)

Here are some photos:


We had to make sure her friend Freddie got out a bit and had a good time:



We think he enjoyed sunset point.


We sure did!


Sunsets here are stunning.


Frustrated by our lack of turtle hunting skills, we went on a snorkel trip today and saw some.


We also saw Gili Meno and Gili Air, where we ate lunch at a restaurant with this great sign.


And Strawberry, a mush of a cat.


Tomorrow we leave. We sadly contemplate this fact at Cafe Gili over a Bintang. Life is good.