Okay, so many of you heard my rants via Facebook re: the travels and travails of the beginning of this trip. If not (or if you’re even interested) here’s the skinny:

We had a lovely few days with Tom’s family down in Florida- beautiful May weather perfect for exercise, dock sitting, kayaking, and, of course alligator hunting and bird watching. We ate oysters and great home-cooked meals; got caught up with the Boylans; and were happy for a bit of rest and relaxation.

I knew Thursday was going to be a long travel day from Orlando to Singapore. Tom and I flew together back to Denver, and then the cascade of delays began. The weather in Denver was horrific, so planes needed to be de-iced in order to be cleared for flight. That delayed my flight to San Francisco a bit, but the Southwest crew boarded us and all seemed a go. Having experienced de-icing before, I knew it would delay us further, but as things weren’t progressing AT ALL, and it got later and later, I realized that I was not going to make my Singapore Air flight. We sat on that plane for about four hours, then were directed back to the terminal, flight canceled. I called Southwest to get booked on the next available flight; then called Singapore Air, only to be told that they over-sell every flight and could not confirm me on ANY flight until June, but that they could “wait list” me on flight(s) in the upcoming days, one at a time. In San Francisco. Tom came to the airport to pick me up and I slept for three hours at home.

When I woke up, I learned that my wonderful husband had been up all night fretting about my trip. Long story short, the ONLY chance I had of making the next SA flight out of San Fran was to fly Frontier – at 8:15 that morning. Which was also delayed, making a tight connection in San Fran, if at all.

On a fluke, right before I got on this delayed flight I called a Singapore Air number Tom had stumbled upon the night before but that hadn’t been answered when I called it. I got the voice mail of a woman in “refunds and rebooking.” I left her a plaintive message, and got on the flight to San Francisco, fingers crossed.

Finally, we were getting close to San Fran, and it looked like I was going to make the 2:10 flight to Spore- that is, if I had a seat on it. When we landed I anxiously fired up my cell phone and had a message from the very woman for whom I had left the massage: I had a confirmed seat, but she was “so very sorry” that she couldn’t accommodate my “special” meal request. I couldn’t even remember what that request had been or why I had made it and didn’t care! I quickly checked in online, grabbed my bag from the Southwest baggage office (IT had made it the night before while I had not- go figure?) and rushed to international departures with a boarding pass in hand and time to spare.

Once again, jumping a step ahead in my head, I then realized that if I didn’t show up for my hostel reservation in Singapore, that it could be forfeited altogether. I emailed the hostel telling them that I would not be there the night of the 13th (muddy thinking on my part, I have since realized) and when I landed in Seoul, received and email that my whole reservation had been canceled. Did a quick Skype call (free wifi!) and got conflicting reports from two different people at the hostel. Long story short- I didn’t have a bed there for ANY of my three nights in Spore!!! So the next task after the long flights to Singapore was to find a hotel to rest my weary head at 2 a.m. while not breaking my budget much more than that last-minute Frontier flight has already done.

NOT! This is Singapore, and, while it’s lovely and the people could not be nicer, my meager travel budget is being devoured at break-neck speed. I booked a Holiday Inn at the airport and paid a cab a heck of a lot of money to get me there.

The very accommodating James at the front desk informed me that I had, in fact gotten a great deal on a very expensive room, free breakfast, a pool, and a complementary late check-out (without asking for it). I literally cried.

I chose to break the bank a bit in the accommodations department and cut down on transport and meals out, staying all 3 nights at this very nice hotel. This choice was a good one, considering that having a quiet room, a comfy bed, and TV; free toiletries, towels, breakfast, and Internet ended up saving me in those areas while providing some creature comforts I might not enjoy once I move on to Vietnam.

I had a relaxing, enjoyable couple of days in Singapore and look forward to coming back to explore again, as there is certainly MUCH more to see and do here.

(Apologies for posting out of order- you know, it’s that Internet thing!)