There’s a long story here, but in a jetlag fog all I can report right now is that I made it to Singapore with about every travel glitch imaginable. I have a longer blog all ready to go, eventually, on my iPad – that is, when I can get a wireless connection which, in Singapore, is remarkably expensive and rare. In fact everything in Singapore is MUCH more expensive than I expected. This is turning out just fine because all I can seem to do is sleep!

Tomorrow I’ll tour the city as much as possible. There are things to see here! This is a very vibrant town and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. The 100% humidity feels great, but I’m wondering how being out in it and the heat all day tomorrow is going to feel? Very hot, I imagine.  Heh!

I’ll be off to Ho Chi Minh City Monday and will have more internet access and adventures to report.

It feels great to be back in SE Asia again!