First, I’d like to thank all of you who followed my blog as I volunteered and traveled through southeast Asia last summer. It is touching how many of you have since told me you were “right there with me” and it makes me feel great that even though I was so far away from home, I had dear friends so close.

If you missed that adventure, it’s still around at

Know that the most recent posts, which aren’t actually about that adventure, appear first. To access accounts of the actual trip, click on links to the right of the text corresponding to July-October of last year.

This season at Beaver Creek I worked to earn and pinch enough pennies to travel once again to southeast Asia to continue the adventure started last year. In March I was finally able to purchase a return ticket to Singapore; I leave May 12 and will return August 10th.

This time I’ve convinced Tom to travel with me through Ho Chi Minh City and the beaches to the south of Vietnam that I unfortunately missed last year. After that, I will travel on to Indonesia where a friend whose family I met in Ha Long Bay has helped me network with schools in two very different areas of that massive country. Hopefully I will volunteer with both of those schools, learning about education in such a very different place, and opening my mind to yet another new and so varied group of cultures.

Although I cannot say exactly how the rest of my time in Asia will be spent, I can pretty much assure my dedicated blog readers that it’s not likely to be in China 😉

Join me once again as I stumble through new places and cultures; meet students and teachers who will, once again, alter and expand my beliefs about education; and ultimately attempt to continue to grow as an educator, person, and resident of the world.